Kellie Beckwith


  • Quilter
  • Pattern Designer
  • Fusion Quilt Aficionado

Kellie Beckwith joins the Creative Spark instructor lineup with over 25 years of quilting and design experience. Her love of quilting and crafting has grown with her since early childhood and blossomed into her company, Tulip Cottage Quilts. Kellie has a passion for scrappy quilts and reproduction prints. Whether creating quilt patterns or teaching quilting to others, Kellie enjoys finding modern techniques to share for more accurate, frustration-free piecing.


Excellent Teacher

I have participated in virtual as well as in person classes taught expertly by Kellie. She is an excellent teacher. Her pattern instructions and demonstrations are clear, concise, and easy to follow. Both novice and experienced quilters will find her classes great learning experiences.

Great Class - Great Teacher!

I was new to crochet, and Kellie did a great job helping me complete my project.  She has great supporting videos on her website in case you need to review.  I enjoyed crocheting so much that I went on to make several more projects.  Great class – great teacher!

Enjoyable Class

Was a very enjoyable class. Clear instructions and friendly atmosphere. Looking forward to another class with Kellie!

Excellent Class

I recently attended the Fusion Quilt class held virtually with Kellie Beckwith.  This class was excellent.  Kellie is an expert quilter and wonderfully creative.  She held this class with about 10 students from all over the country.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the information being taught.  This is a relatively complicated process, but Kellie imparted the information clearly with visual and verbal information.  She was patient and kept the class going so everyone stayed in the same place.   Kellie is a calm and patient teacher with a great sense of humor.  Having the ability to teach virtually is a gift and Kellie has the gift.  I will be taking classes from her in the future.