Marci Baker


  • Traditional Quilt Designer
  • Master of Color Value
  • Lifelong Learner

With over 35 years of experience in quilting and the mind of an engineer, Marci Baker has made quilting part of her name and learning a huge part of her game! Everything she’s ever made has been a learning experience. Her attention to detail and passion for creating systems that work have allowed her to find more efficient ways to achieve a result. Lucky for us, one of her biggest passions is sharing all of her accumulated nuggets of wisdom with other quilters! Always looking to learn something new, Marci enjoys watching her students take one of her methods and develop the concept even further! 

Continuing on a life-long learning adventure allows Marci to develop simpler methods that achieve close perfection in her quilts. As Alex Anderson says of her methods, “You break all of the rules!” In Marci’s world, practice (or repetition) makes almost perfect, as there’s no time to stress over perfection when you’re so busy having fun!