Ramune Jauniskis



  • Whimsical Crafter
  • Creative Teacher
  • Fairy Fabric Expert

Ramune Jauniskis, the author of Tiny Worlds in Fabric (C&T Publishing 2022), is a well-loved New England fiber artist known for her whimsical fairy-inspired 3D works of art. Fusing, fabric painting, and tiny, thoughtful details make her meticulously handcrafted treasures come alive. Ramune has a lighthearted, inviting, and humorous teaching style that makes learning fun. Her laid-back, encouraging style makes even inexperienced crafters feel at ease. She works and lives in Wellesley, MA.


Polished Results

Ramune is one of the most gifted artists I know who has also managed to share her knowledge with others. She is able to demystify the techniques that make her whimsical pieces so irresistible. Thanks to her calm demeanor and down-to earth personality she is able to guide her students with ease in the creative process, even when the project is new or challenging. She shares all kinds of tools and shortcuts that make for a polished result. You will love what you create!

Supportive & Caring Teacher

Ramune taught my 7 year old daughter sewing this year. I signed her up on a whim thinking it would just be a fun new skill, but it’s become my daughters passion, an expressive outlet, has grown her confidence and given her such a wonderful sense of pride and accomplishment. Ramune fosters all of this by thinking up interesting projects that align with my daughters individual interests and by being a supportive and caring teacher. My daughter insisted on signing up for each and every session of Ramune’s sewing class, she can’t get enough!

Infectious Excitement

Ramune is the teacher who shows you the basics then steps back to let you create! Her incredible talent, positive outlook on life, infectious excitement and upbeat encouragement when you think you messed up, is just what I needed each week

Talented artist

We have Carried Ramune's work for the last 5 years, and it is a a very strong seller, shows her sense of design, quality and perfection. I look forward to receiving her work each season Ramune is professional and I have nothing but positive things to say about her.


My kids, ages 5 and 8, have taken Ms. Ramune’s pottery and sewing classes 5 times. They are always so excited to show me their projects and proud of what they made. I am impressed by the confidence my kids have in their new skills. Thank you Ms. Ramune!