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A playful maker at heart, Sarah Markos gravitates toward vibrant, colorful fabrics to create unique sewing projects. Over the years, she has dabbled in garment-making, quilting, and sewing, creating projects from Halloween costumes to pillows to quilts. Sarah's favorite craft of all is bag making. Never lacking in handbag design ideas, Sarah thrives in developing creative ways to level up her craft. Having learned many skills and techniques through trial and error, she is eager to share only the best with her Creative Spark students so they can feel the joy of making handmade treasures.


Fantastic Pattern

This pattern is fantastic! It has a lot of color photos and easy-to-follow instructions. I added extra zipper pockets and elastic to the side drink pockets, but other than that, this came together just as the pattern shows. Sarah was a dream to work with to get this pattern on Etsy for me to order. Cannot wait to make another one!


Super easy pattern! I didn’t realize how big the large bat is but I love it! I have made one large bat and several small bats. They come together pretty quickly! Not sure what I will do with them all but having a good time making a whole bat family.

Easier Than It Looks

Made this handbag and it turned out cute. Not as difficult as one might think

Lovely Pattern

Lovely pattern. I made this in a day. I made it in the 6 month size for my 5mo and it fit really well. It’s an easy pattern to adapt the way you want, too. I switched the colors (black for stripes, yellow for body) and put the button closure on the front instead of the back. It’s absolutely adorable. My son seemed to like it too!