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Shannon Leigh Roudhán and Jason Bowlsby are the dynamic DIY duo from Seattle, Washington. Their award-winning crochet, knit, and sewing designs have been featured in and on the covers of domestic and international publications, and their craft, portrait, and fashion photography have appeared in books and magazines around the globe. Shannon & Jason have published 10 books of crochet and knitwear patterns and their latest book is titled Boro & Sashiko: Harmonious Imperfection from C&T Publishing.

The duo has been partners in life for 27 years and has been teaching adults for 20+ years. With their mastery of subjects from crochet and knitting to photography, spinning, sewing, and quilting, their enthusiasm, quirky sense of humor, and relatable teaching style have made them sought after teachers in both local and national venues. The “edu-tainment” experience of a class with Shannon & Jason will leave you informed, empowered, and in stitches (see what we did there?).

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Hear from Happy Students!


Hey, Shannon and Jason!!

I am having so much fun playing with boro and sashiko stitches and finding everything that might need 'mending' in my and my kids’ wardrobes.

I learned several things that I didn’t know that I didn’t know!


You said this was addictive, and you're right.

 I've converted a corner of my bedroom to use as my stitching spot.  Bought a floor lamp for good light and a firestick so I can have trash tv on in the background.

It is every bit as relaxing and soothing as you claimed.


Hello Jason and Shannon,

My mom and I took your Sashiko class at Stitches Midwest. Thanks for another great class.

We both enjoy the humor, encouragement and expertise of your classes.

Complete Course

Very thorough course with the terms, supplies, and methods to create beautiful hand stitches.  Since the stitching is based on grids, even those who feel they aren't very artistic can follow along.  The course included a copy of the digital book, so there's plenty eye candy (and reminders) there for the student.  Well done!

5 Stars - Excellent introduction to Sashiko!

I had the pleasure of taking a virtual class with The Shibaguyz and jumped at the chance of continuing to improve my skills through this course. From threading the needle to tips on creating designs and stitching, this class is worth every penny. Anyone interested in learning more about Sashiko should definitely take this course. You will not be disappointed.