Shelley Cavanna


  • Textile Teacher
  • Quilt Designer
  • Quilt Sampler Pro

Shelley Cavanna is a self-taught quilter, teacher, textile and quilt designer, and the owner of Cora’s Quilts. She has a passion for modern, intricate, mosaic-inspired quilts. Her mission is to turn these exquisite designs into approachable patterns for quilters of all styles and skill levels, living up to her mantra, “Stunning quilts made simple.” When she’s not in the studio, Shelley loves hiking, exploring the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains, and practicing yoga despite being a little uncoordinated. She is an avid reader (especially of mysteries and historical fiction), a fan of true-crime podcasts, and a knitter of squishy cable sweaters. She lives near Sacramento, California, with her husband and two boys.