Timna Tarr



  • Quilt Designer & Artist
  • Fabric Designer
  • Color Wizard

Timna Tarr has worked as a quilt shop clerk, sewing machine repair person, fabric designer, and author. She knows the sewing machine inside out — literally. Repairing sewing machines and longarm quilting are some of her many talents. If you're a minimalist, it's time to take the back seat; color and pattern play are Timna's forte. Her award-winning quilts have been seen in numerous exhibits, magazines, books, and The Quilt Show and Quilting Arts TV. 

She put together her first online class in 2020 and, to her delight, found her process and techniques translate beautifully to videos. Her goal is to encourage students to see their work in new ways. She'll gladly show you the way and offer her own ideas as inspiration. Timna can always rely on her strong creative intuition to tell if she or her students are on the right path, no matter how windy it may be.


Clear Instructions

Your instructions are so clear and every time I formulate a question in my head, I find it answered in that video or the next one. Having friends doing it concurrently means I’m actually going to finish my project because I’m planning a virtual show & tell.

Love Mosaic Stitching

Your mosaic technique has changed my outlook, ability and confidence in creating things.

Enthusiastic Instructor

Timna is a skilled and enthusiastic instructor. Lots of fun. Good compositional coach.

Makes Classes Fun!

She is a stress free instructor, and makes her instruction fun! I would take another class with her!