Valerie Goodwin

Architect, Professor, Art Quilter

Valerie always wondered what it would be like to retire and make art full time. Now she’s sharing her art and techniques here as her first workshop with Creative Sparks. In “Mapping Personal Places" she shows you that with fabric, a little imagination, a dab of paint, sheers, and thread that you can create something beautiful and memorable. Valerie is excited to join other Creatives sparking all the possibilities in the quilting universe. (She's got a map for that too!)

A Quick Message


Stunning for the intricacy

At first glance, Tallahassee-based artist Valerie Goodwin’s quilts are stunning for the intricacy of their lines which create complex shapes and designs. Closer inspection slowly reveals these patterns are city blocks and urban landscapes captured from an aerial perspective. Drawing inspiration from architectural maps, plans, and blueprints, Goodwin’s combined love for architecture and art is evident through the detail and care in her works.

exceptional teacher

As a student of and fellow instructor, I can say that Valerie is an exceptional teacher. She weaves the art and craft of architecture, map making and your personal messages into fabric art quilts in her class. The sequencing of design and planning, exercise (Haiku!) and techniques leads each student to the creation of a fabric art quilt unique to a real or imagined place. Many techniques are taught and used to make multimedia art quilts.  I treasure the one I made.

I highly recommend this class and Valerie and cannot wait to take it again.

Level Above Others

Valerie's "Mapping Personal Places" is a fun and inspiring workshop. She provided helpful videos and previewed our ideas prior to the class.  Her technological skills with graphics, apps, videos, and mapping websites puts her on-line workshops on a level above other instructors.  Although I hope someday to meet Valerie in person, this format allowed everyone to see, hear, and absorb her instruction in a front row seat!  

Check Out Valerie's Book