Vicki Conley


  • Fiber Artist
  • Teacher
  • Potter

Vicki Conley has been a professional studio potter for over 40 years and owns Pinon Pottery Gallery in Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico. She has been a creator all her life; it’s who she is! Known for unique hummingbird decorated, functional pottery, Vicki is also a studio artist who has been making art quilts since 2007. Having entered several juried shows herself, she has a strong understanding of what makes a good artwork photo. She thrives on the belief that everyone has the ability to learn any skill. Vicki is excited to share her expertise in photographing art quilts and (one day) pottery techniques with Creative Spark.

Hear Why Folks Love Vicki's Classes

Photo Quality Matters

Vicki did a wonderful job of showing how to best photograph your artwork. It is true that the quality of the pictures does influence how the jury thinks about the artist's work and this was very helpful to think about the factors that would help you take the best quality photo of the artwork. Loved the quilt pictures she used to demonstrate the process.

Wish I had Seen Years Ago

The class was wonderful...I have played with clay and only wish that I had seen this years ago. I have never seen the use of Styrofoam and all the methods of imprinting the clay or how important the consistency was to produce the dinnerware. Her lessons were clear and very repeatable for the viewer. I smiled when Vicky slammed down the serving plate mold and the clay just popped where it belonged. So much information and very well illustrated by the camera. Looking forward to the next class. I think she could make a potter out of me if I'm not careful. Enjoy

Don't Even Need A Potter's Wheel

This was a fun class about hand-built ceramics. I love applications that don't need a potter's wheel and Vicki's pottery is really lovely. Definitely a good class for anyone interested in making stoneware.

Great Class

This is a great class. Vicki takes you through all the detailed necessary elements, from setting up the quilt, use of a laser level, setting up the camera, lighting, frame sizing... it's all here. She uses this technique for taking photos of her art quilts but it could easily be used for other wall-hung artworks.